October 13, 2018

Visiting Artists

Kristian Kabuay [@baybayin | www.kabuay.com]

Born in the Philippines and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kristian spent his college years in the Philippines where he honed his knowledge about a native writing system, Baybayin. His work explores pre- to post- Filipino culture in the diaspora. Using Baybayin as a foundation, he incorporates and deconstructs calligraphy and graffiti methods. Didactic in nature, his work both entertains and instructs while exploring themes of identity, poverty, death, love, and duality.


Diyan BukoBomba [@bukobomba]

Diyan is Tawo of Bikolan@ ancestry born on Turtle Island in the territory of the Tongva people in Yangna. A self taught multi-media artist, crystal ball magic- solar pyromaniac, musician and community organizer, my artwork uses creation as a way of finding freedom from inner pains & colonial traumas. I recreate “folk art” and reimagine indi-genius & ancestral art as part of my healing process, to indigenize, decolonize and reconnect with my ancestors and native roots.

“As a d.i.y. multimedia artist i create works by sun painting or solar pyrography~ a meditation of wood burning/ etching form by making fire through harnessing the natural light of the sun in glass.  From ancient script, textiles, to batok, I incorporate patterns and symbols of ancestral folk arts. From celestial skies to the trees and all the earth & water beings, spirits all around transmit messages from ancestors. Tapping into knowledge beyond the material eye, just like the ancestors listening to the wind, into world of dreams, I meditate and channel the energy & messages of the cosmic sun & ancestors above & below through my creations. Alongside my art, i have accessories like jewelry & mini art pieces in a series called Kahoy Kapayapaan & Kahoy Kalayaan. These sun-burned bamboo beads/ wooden pieces are diwa ink so(u)lar powered transmissions harnessed by the ancestral sun & the cosmos– Ancient script  (baybayin tagalog & basahan bikol) & sacred geometic patterns are sun etched affirmations & activations that aim to co-power the holder within themselves & their connection to their ancestors.”


Nicanor Evangelista Jr. [@kulturafilms | www.inkanor.com | www.kulturafilms.com]

Nicanor creates sacred geometry mandalas full of symbolism, receiving his inspiration by learning about his Filipino ancestors, their sacred arts and practices. He researches through mentors, museum and field visits.He likes DREAMING. Nicanor inspired to create art that helps heal our ancestral traumas.

Joe Aquilizan [@bayaniart | www.bayaniart.com]

The goal of Bayani Art is to strengthen the unity within our community by telling the rich history of our Motherland. We are independent owned, born in Tondo Manila, Philippines and raised in Oakland, California. Humbled by the strong values that were taught by our elders, we remain conscious to our responsibility to carry on our culture. The concept of Bayani started as our way to promote our creative skills and talents, and to bring our artwork and crafts to you. In supporting Bayani Art and its artists, you are a part of honoring our history and continuing the representation of Filipinos throughout the world. Portion of the proceeds of online sales help support a non-profit organizations for Filipino youth, Mabuhay.