October 13, 2018


[@kulintronica | www.kulintronica.com]

Kulintronica is  on a mission to make the “kulintang” a household name by fusing this ancient Filipino gong instrument with modern electronic dance music. As a product of San Francisco’s eclectic multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary art scene, Kulintronica was once a guitar and bass player in various groups.  Solidifying work ethic, getting command of different tempos, and incorporating more technology into instruments, the artistic direction led Kulintronica to lead an improvisational live looping dance band; until a cultural awakening led down a new exciting direction.

Ron Quesada (Kulintronica)

Ron Quesada is a musician on a mission to make the “kulintang” a household name. By fusing this ancient Filipino gong instrument with modern electronic dance music, Ron has created a sound all his own that he calls “Kulintronica”. With the release of the single(s) “Calling My Name,”and “River Clouds,” now on iTunes he is preparing to tour and release his debut album in 2014.

Lydia Neff (Kulintronica)

Lydia Neff is a performing artist born and raised in the Philippines, now based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She studied at Coastal Dance and Music Academy and has performed with Dancing Earth, Kularts and Jay Loyola Dance Collaborations, Alleluia Panis Dance, and toured internationally with Parangal Dance Company. As a kulintang practitioner, she has performed with San Francisco Kulintang Project and Kulintronica and produced Gongster’s Paradise, the largest kulintang festival in the west. She’s also co-founder of House of Gongs, which offers Kulintang, Tagalog and Eskrima classes. Lydia’s goal is to open up dialogue within the diaspora about arts and culture and what it means for us living from a distance to the motherland.